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Madam Narnia, a teacher and humanitarian from India paid a visit to Al-Mustafa Islamic college and shared some views with the students regarding the need for unity in this world.

It was an interactive discussion where she exchanged views with the students how and why humans must take nature as an example while seeking to implement peace, unity and harmony in this world, because nature (the sun, rain, pollination agents, plants) is a sign of unity.

She cited out some key points on which we should reflect in order to create the room for unity in this world.

1.       The divine intelligence that we were created without discrimination.

2.       It a matter of finding out our purpose of creation, know the different lessons in life and then use our strength to help out one another.

3.       Humans have a part of the brain that tells us that hurting each other is not good but animals do not.

4.       The conscious life that we all have, we should at least know that we need each other to survive.

We are born free; nobody tells you who you are. So we have the ability to question and look at things in a bigger perspective. So we have the freedom of awareness and understanding our potentials.

Other dignitaries involved in this discussion were Professor A.H Abidi and Sheikh Shams.

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